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is a tribute to Paul Reps Spiritual Teacher. At you will find Paul Reps' art work, "picture poems", writings, and a timeline of his life.

Paul Reps was known for Zen Spirituality, Zen Meditation, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, Picture Poems, Zen Poetry, spiritual, teaching and education, picture poems, zen teachings, eastern spiritual teaching. Among his most known work was the book published under the title "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones".

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In October 1999, a panel of distinguished teachers, writers and editors drawn from the major religious traditions presented,under the auspices of the publishing house Harper San Francisco, a list of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Century. One of the books was Zen Flesh Zen Bones by Paul Reps. Reps was an American original whose life spanned most of the 20th century. Born in Iowa in 1895, where his father owned the Reps Dry Goods Company in Cedar Rapids, he died in Los Angeles in 1990. In between, he profoundly influenced several generations of spiritual seekers, both through his iconoclastic presence and through his several books. Zen Flesh Zen Bones, first issued by Tuttle in 1957 and still in print, is a compilation of four of Reps' earlier books. Three of those books date to the mid-1930s,rooting Zen Flesh, Zen Bones as the earliest Buddhist book on the Best Spiritual Book list and marking Reps as a founding father of American Buddhism. Yet at least part of reps' appeal today is the way he lived the self-sufficient life of a spiritual pioneer, hungering after reality too much to settle for becoming an expert on any "ism." Although he treated the tradition and teachers he learned from with great respect, his work and his life make it abundantly clear that he was out to find the real Reps, and that he meant to have fun while he was at it. "If not fun, best left undone" reps was fond of saying. Reps life and work is a wonderful model of spiritual individuality.